4TB Drive $100 plus Shipping

4TB Drive $100 plus Shipping

More just in and going quick!!


4TB Western Digital Passport USB powered hard drives still in original packaging $100 + $5 to ship!


Just plug it in and you are ready to go.  About the size of a deck of playing cards it’s small enough to fit in your pocket.


From the manufacturer:


SIMPLE, FAST AND PORTABLE WD ™ Passport portable hard drives with USB 3.0 offer reliable,


storage to go, fast data transfer rates, universal connectivity, and massive capacity for value conscious consumers.

USB 3.0 and USB 2.0 compatibility

With this single drive you get compatibility with the latest USB 3.0 devices and backward compatibility with USB 2.0 devices as well.

Fast transfer rates

When connected to a USB 3.0 port, WD Passport portable hard drives delivers fast data transfer rates.

Improve PC performance

When your internal hard drive is almost full your PC slows down. Don’t delete files. Free up space on your internal hard drive by transferring files to your WD portable hard drive and get your laptop moving again.



The small, lightweight design offers up to 4TB capacity, making a WDPassport  portable hard drive the ideal companion for consumers on the go.



We know your data is important to you. So we build the drive inside to our demanding requirements for durability, shock tolerance, and long-term reliability. Then we protect the drive with a durable enclosure designed for style and protection.



Formatted NTFS for Windows® 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 7. Reformatting may be required for other operating systems. Compatibility may vary depending on user’s hardware configuration and operating system.


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