Enhancements in Jaws for July 2021

The following has been taken directly from the Freedom Scientific website.

• Changed the keystroke to access the Quick Keys layer in Google Docs to INSERT+SPACEBAR followed by G. Once this layer is active, you can use keystrokes to quickly move to specific elements in a document such as H for headings, T for tables, C for comments, and more. To see a full list of available commands, press INSERT+SPACEBAR followed by G while focused in Google Docs, and then press QUESTION MARK.
• Addressed issues with JAWS not reading as expected when navigating a table of contents in Google Docs using CTRL+UP ARROW and CTRL+DOWN ARROW to read by paragraph.
• Added support for horizontal lines inserted into Google documents as separators.
• When navigating by word in a cell in Google Sheets, resolved an issue where JAWS would repeat the last word.
• Resolved an issue in Google Sheets where JAWS was not properly announcing links that directly followed each other on separate lines.
• Resolved an issue with JAWS not reading search results on the Windows 11 Start Screen.
• Resolved reported problems where some users were finding Navigation Quick Keys turned on when trying to reply to Outlook email messages.
• Resolved an issue where selecting text in Outlook using the keyboard was not scrolling the screen as expected, making it difficult for Fusion users or anyone sighted using JAWS to determine what was selected.
• Addressed an issue where it was no longer possible to use JAWS to create or edit posts in WordPress 5.60 or later.
• Improved announcements of regions on web pages that include an aria-roledescription attribute.
• When navigating tables on web pages, resolved an issue where JAWS would not always announce row and column headers when headers were not defined by the table author.
• Pressing the layered command INSERT+SPACEBAR followed by N now speaks the most recent Windows notification even when Speech On Demand is active.
• In Outlook, the JAWS keystroke for moving to the body of a message or the notes area of a Calendar appointment is now INSERT+ALT+GRAVE ACCENT. This has also been updated in the JAWS Commands Search (INSERT+SPACEBAR, J). The previous keystroke, ALT+GRAVE ACCENT, is now used by Microsoft to activate their email dictation feature.
• Made changes necessary for JAWS to properly support Mozilla Thunderbird 87 and later.
• Added JAWS support for the NLSeReader Zoomax braille display available from the National Library Service for the Blind and Physically Handicapped in the United States. Note that a system driver, available from the manufacturer, must be installed first before this display can be used with JAWS.
• Resolved an issue with Kofax Power PDF where JAWS would only read the first line of a PDF document.
• After modifying a Speech and Sounds scheme and choosing to make it the default, addressed an issue where it was not being saved as the default scheme as expected.
• Medical Device Regulation numbers have been added for JAWS, ZoomText, and Fusion releases as of the July 2021 updates. These numbers are displayed in the About dialog boxes for each software product.
• Removed the Convert Currency Research It lookup source due to changes with the xe.com website which no longer allows us to retrieve information.

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