New Features in NVDA 2020.2

The below list of features is a subset of the full list of new features. I am simplifying and explaining the feature set in an attempt to help more nontechnical people appreciate what’s new for NVDA. This list was retrieved from NvAccess and edited here.

Highlights of this release include support for a new braille display from Nattiq, better support for ESET antivirus GUI and Windows Terminal, performance improvements in 1Password, and with Windows OneCore synthesizer. Plus, many other important bug fixes and improvements.

New Features

  • Support for new braille displays:

Nattiq nBraille

  • Added ability to open NVDA configuration directory (no default gesture).
  • Better support for ESET antivirus GUI.
  • Added support for Windows Terminal.
  • Added a command to report the active configuration profile (no default gesture).
  • Added a command to toggle reporting of subscripts and superscripts (no default gesture).
  • Web applications (E.G. Gmail) no longer speak outdated information when moving focus rapidly.

◦ This experimental fix must be manually enabled via the ‘Attempt to cancel speech for expired focus events’ option in the advanced settings panel.

  • Many more symbols have been added to the default symbols dictionary.


  • Updated liblouis braille translator from 3.12 to 3.14.0.
  • The reporting of superscripts and subscripts is now controlled separately to the reporting of font attributes.
  • Due to changes made in VS Code, NVDA no longer disables browse mode in Code by default.
  • NVDA no longer reports “top” and “bottom” messages when moving the review cursor directly to the first or last line of the current navigator object with the move to top and move to bottom review cursor scripts, respectively.
  • NVDA no longer reports “left” and “right” messages when directly moving the review cursor to the first or last character of the line for the current navigator object with the move to beginning of line and move to end of line review cursor scripts respectively.

Bug Fixes

  • NVDA now starts correctly when the log file cannot be created.
  • In recent releases of Microsoft Word 365, NVDA will no longer announce “delete back word” when Control+Backspace is pressed while editing a document.
  • In Winamp, NVDA will once again announce toggle status of shuffle and repeat.
  • NVDA is no longer extremely sluggish when moving within the list of items in 1Password.
  • The Windows OneCore speech synthesizer no longer lags between utterances.
  • NVDA no longer freezes when you open the context menu for 1Password in the system notification area.
  • In Office 2013 and older:

◦ Ribbons are announced when focus moves to them for the first time.

◦ Context menu items are once again reported properly.

◦ Ribbon sections are consistently announced when navigating with Control+arrows.

  • In browse mode in Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome, text no longer incorrectly appears on a separate line when web content uses CSS display: inline flex.
  • In browse mode with Automatically set system focus to focusable elements disabled, it is now possible to activate elements that aren’t focusable.
  • In browse mode with Automatically set system focus to focusable elements disabled, it is now possible to activate elements reached by pressing the tab key.
  • In browse mode with Automatically set system focus to focusable elements disabled, activating certain elements no longer clicks in an incorrect location.
  • NVDA error sounds are no longer heard when accessing DevExpress text controls.
  • The tool-tips of the icons in the system tray are no longer reported upon keyboard navigation if their text is equal to the name of the icons, to avoid double announcing.
  • In browse mode with ‘Automatically set system focus to focusable elements’ disabled, switching to focus mode with NVDA+space now focuses the element under the caret.
  • It is once again possible to check for NVDA updates on certain systems, e.g. clean Windows installs.
  • Focus is not moved in Java application when the selection is changed in an unfocused tree, table or list.

Start Your Update

If you’re running NVDA while reading this, perform the following steps to update it right now!

  1. Press NVDA+N.
  2. Press the letter H, or arrow down to Help.
  3. Press the letter C, or arrow down to Check for update…

Enjoy your new NVDA!


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