New Features in NVDA 2022.2

The below list of features is a subset of the full list of new features for NVDA. I am simplifying and explaining the feature set in an attempt to help nontechnical people appreciate what’s new for NVDA. This list was retrieved from NvAccess and edited here.


What’s New in NVDA2022.2

This release includes many bug fixes. Notably, there are significant improvements for Java based applications, braille displays and Windows features.

New table navigation commands have been introduced. Unicode CLDR has been updated. LibLouis has been updated, which includes a new German braille table.

New Features

  • Support for interacting with Microsoft Loop Components in Microsoft Office products.
  • New table navigation commands have been added.

◦ control+alt+home/end to jump to first/last column.

◦ control+alt+pageUp/pageDown to jump to first/last row.

  • An unassigned script to cycle through language and dialect switching modes has been added.


  • Updated LibLouis braille translator to 3.22.0.

◦ New braille table: German grade 2

  • Added new role for “busy indicator” controls.
  • NVDA now announces when an NVDA action cannot be performed.

◦ This includes when:

▪ Using the NVDA Windows Store version.

▪ In a secure context.

▪ Waiting for a response to a modal dialog.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixes for Java based applications:

◦ NVDA will now announce read-only state.

◦ NVDA will now announce disabled/enabled state correctly.

◦ NVDA will now announce function key shortcuts.

◦ NVDA can now beep or speak on progress bars.

◦ NVDA will no longer incorrectly remove text from widgets when presenting to the user.

◦ NVDA will now announce the state of toggle buttons.

◦ NVDA will now identify the window in a Java application with multiple windows.

◦ NVDA will now announce position information for tab controls.

Braille fixes:

◦ Fix braille output when navigating certain text in Mozilla rich edit controls, such as drafting a message in Thunderbird.

◦ When braille is tethered automatically and the mouse is moved with mouse tracking enabled, text review commands now update the braille display with the spoken content.

◦ It is now possible to pan the braille display through content after use of text review commands.

  • The NVDA installer can now run from directories with special characters.
  • In Firefox, NVDA no longer fails to report items in web pages when aria-rowindex, aria-colindex, aria-rowcount or aria-colcount attributes are invalid.
  • The cursor does not switch row or column anymore when using table navigation to navigate through merged cells.
  • When reading non-interactive PDFs in Adobe Reader, the type and state of form fieldsare now reported.
  • “Reset configuration to factory defaults” is now accessible in the NVDA menu during secure mode.
  • Any locked mouse keys will be unlocked when NVDA exits, previously the mouse button would remain locked.
  • Visual Studio now reports line numbers.

◦ Note that for line number reporting to work, showing line numbers must be enabled in Visual Studio and NVDA.

  • Visual Studio now correctly reports line indentation.
  • NVDA will once again announce Start menu search result details in recent Windows 10 and 11 releases.
  • In Windows 10 and 11 Calculator version 10.1908 and later, NVDA will announce results when more commands are pressed, such as commands from scientific mode.
  • In Windows 11, it is again possible to navigate and interact with user interface elements, such as Taskbar and Task View using mouse and touch interaction.
  • NVDA will announce status bar content in Windows 11 Notepad.
  • Navigator object highlighting now shows up immediately upon activation of the feature.
  • Fix reading single column list view items.
  • Fix eSpeak automatic language switching for English and French falling back to British English and French.
  • Fix OneCore automatic language switching when trying to switch to a formerly installed language.

Start Your Update

If you’re running NVDA while reading this, perform the following steps to update it right now!

  1. Press NVDA+N.
  2. Press the letter H, or arrow down to Help.
  3. Press the letter C, or arrow down to Check for update…

Enjoy your new NVDA!


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