Panasonic cf-54 Lite laptop for sale: $700

Panasonic cf-54 Lite laptop for sale: $700

Thinner, faster and lighter than previous model Panasonics – could this be the answer?


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My asking price is $700


The lowest price on Amazon at the time of this listing is $1299 and lowest price on Ebay is $1049 and those only have 256gb solid state drives. Many of these laptops are priced in the $1800-$3000 price range on these sites so I hope you can see what a great deal this one is.


Model: CF-54

Processor: Intel 5300u I5 running at 2.3ghz and turbo boost to 2.9ghz

Ram: 8GB

Hard drive: 480gb Solid state

Wireless: Intel 7265 dual band AC

Blue tooth: 4.0

USB: 3 – USB 3.0 ports

Screen size: 14″

Video Intel HD graphics 5500


SD card reader

Dimensions: 13.6″ x 10.7″ x 1.2″

Weight: 4.21 pounds

Battery: Approximate run time 8 hours

Built in carry handle


A new installation of Windows 10 professional 64 bit edition has just been performed on this laptop along with all the drivers being installed and updated.


A demo of Jaws for windows will speak upon boot. Just add your authorization key and you are ready to go. Note: jaws authorization keys are not included with the laptop – you will need to provide your own.


Note: over the first week of use some updates to the operating system may occur. During this time please allow the machine to shut down and restart a little slower than normal as the updates are downloaded and installed.


2 machines available at time of listing.


To purchase or for questions contact Kevin at:


or call:




Acceptable forms of payment include Paypal and money orders.

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