Pontes Media Downloader: Convert Online Videos With Ease

There are hundreds of programs, websites, and apps designed to help you download or convert online videos, including on YouTube, to audio formats such as mp3. Many of these tools nag you about other products or to upgrade the software to a paid version. These tools oftentimes come with unwanted toolbars or other software that can clutter your computer.

Introducing Pontes Media Downloader

This is a free program that allows you to either download the video from YouTube or other online video service, or to convert a video to the audio format of your choice.

How does it work?

First You will need to download the Pontes Media Downloader software. Once downloaded you can install it in the usual manor. This quick intro assumes that you are using it in windows, but the program can also be used in MacOS or Linux. The software will work with all 3 major screen readers, NVDA, Narrator, and JAWS.

Once installed, you should have a “Pontes Media Downloader” icon on your desktop/start window. When you find a web video that you want to convert or download, just copy its web address. Pontes Media Downloader will automatically put the address in the URL text box. If you then tab, you can select the source format. This is set to “Best Available” but you can change it via your ARROW keys if you’d like. You will usually want to leave this setting as is.

If you tab again, you will be on the Convert To combo box. This is usually set to Convert to MPEG Layer 3 audio (.mp3). However there are several options available to you by using the UP/DOWN ARROW keys.

Tabbing again will place you on the Download button, which will download the video and convert it to the format of your choice if you selected a conversion format.

Download Complete

Once your download and/or conversion is done, you will find your files in your Documents folder within a folder called “Pontes Media Downloader”. Simply navigate to this folder and you can do whatever you want with your files.


If you are getting a video that is part of a playlist, you have the option to download the entire playlist in one shot. This is great if you want it, but can result in a lot of files if you don’t uncheck the appropriate check box. You will only get this option if the software detects a playlist based on the address that you copied before.

Though the software can be navigated via tab or shift tab, there are a few hotkeys that can help navigate it quicker regardless of what access technology you’re using. I’m listing a few below, in no particular order.


  • Change download folder: CONTROL+SHIFT+E
  • Jump to the status text box: CONTROL+S
  • Start the download/conversion process: CONTROL+D
  • Download multiple links at once: CONTROL+M
  • Open the folder where your downloaded/converted files are: CONTROL+E
  • Open download file directly: CONTROL+ENTER
  • Open preferences: CONTROL+O

Hope This Helps

I can say this has saved me a lot of time and effort whenever I’ve wanted to download/convert videos, especially from YouTube. Remember that this can work with other services out there too. I want to make it clear that I am in no way responsible for any lost productivity due to overuse of this software. Ha ha! It’s easy to begin downloading stuff and listening to things for hours on end.

I really hope this has been helpful to you. Until next time: Qapla!

4 thoughts on “Pontes Media Downloader: Convert Online Videos With Ease”

  1. Hi Marty. In the past I have used online Video converter. It is a web converter so as long as I don’t need to do a lot of video conversions it works fine. It is also nice that I don’t have to install yet another program. There are ads that sometimes pop up, but it allows you to download the converted audio. You can also choose the converted format such as mp3, ogg and so on. Its been a few months since I’ve used it, so not 100% certain on the current accessibility. But it worked when I used it.
    The link to that online site is:
    Hope this helps.

  2. Marty Hutchings

    Does anyone know of a program that converts videos that are already on your computer to audio?

  3. It most definitely does help! I’ve already converted a video or two, and I gotta say it’s great to have some of these available offline (especially the stuff you can’t get on i.e. iTunes). Unfortunately the Linux version is not accessible out of the box, though all the hotkeys and stuff work fine. Anyway, I’m off to convert that awesome Super Mario remix I just heard lol. Have a good one!

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