Sryth: Funny Name… Great Game!

I’m sure you can relate to getting lost in a really good book or TV series that really draws you in and makes you care about the characters, what will happen next, and how your decisions will factor into the storyline. My wife and I have spent countless hours playing this fantastic game. In fact, playing Sryth was one of our favorite pastimes while we were dating. Sryth has been around since 2003 and is still going strong, with weekly updates to the game!

I have recommended this game to several of my customers, because not only is it enjoyable, but also a great way to improve your screen reading web navigation skills while having fun doing it, too!

Sryth runs in a web browser so there is nothing to install or download. As a result, the game can be enjoyed from a  smartphone or computer.

The below text was taken from, and edited slightly for clarity/grammatic reasons.

** Begin Audio Games text:

Sryth is a complex story driven role play game, spanning over eleven thousand pages of game content. As an adventurer in the realm of Tysa, you wander the world in search of fame, fortune and the chance to battle dark creatures, evil brigands, new skills and powers, gather mysterious magical artifacts, and thwart the plans of the demon Igtheon and his murderous minions who are bent on invading and destroying not only tysa, but the entire world of Sryth.

unlike most browser RPGs (role playing games), Sryth is predominantly single player, with little pvp (player versus player), though player rankings and rewards to diligent adventurers are always forthcoming. As the main interface of the game is narrative text with occasional links, it’s incredibly accessible to screen readers, as well as being highly atmospheric.

roughly 2000 pages of the game are available for free. The rest require payment of a small yearly subscription to unlock, but with new quests and game content frequently added, it’s definitely a worthwhile investment

the game has a highly active game forum and a frequently updated Players Wiki.

** End audio games text.

Embarking on Your Adventure

You will need to create a Sryth game account first. Some screen readers don’t read the form labels as you tab through them. You are simply asked for username, password, confirm password, and email address. If you check the box to allow Sryth to email you, you’ll get a game reward! 🎁 Then, just hit the CONTINUE button and let the games begin!

Character Creation

You can either create a character where all of your stats, like strength, intelligence, etc., are determined randomly, or you can select from pre-generated game characters. Currently, the game has 90 pre-generated characters to choose from. Wow! Decision’s, decisions!

Once you spend a year or two deliberating over your precious person, you get to select your sex. Naming your person comes next. You can either keep the name of the pre-generated character, use the random name generator, or just type your own name in the box provided.

“FINGERNIPPER has been created and is ready for ADVENTURE!”

Yikes! He’s really going to make some heads roll! 🎯 OK, hit the CONTINUE button again.

Welcome to Hawklor

The game makes use of a graphical map that won’t be too useful for screen reader folk. However, clicker folk will probably love it. Screen reader users won’t really need the map, as each city has links that  allow you to find out more about the city and where it is in the game. The links with info will open in a new tab, so you will need to close them with CONTROL+W to return to the game browser window. As an example, here’s what you get when you hit the link for Hawklor:


Hawklor is a small village nestled on the eastern edge of the Hart Hills in western Tysa .

Its citizens are primarily farmers and woodcutters, who enjoy fruitful commerce with the cities to the north, like Trithik and Talinus .

Like most who dwell in this remote, rugged region, the people of Hawklor are a hardy, resourceful lot, who delight in the toil of their daily lives while enjoying the peace that has thrived in Tysa for over a century.

Hawklor is where your adventures in Sryth begin.”

Tips for Screen Reader Folk

If you are using a screen reader, you can use letter T to navigate to the different tables containing stats information. another way to navigate between different areas of the screen is to move by frame via the letter M. This technique is quite handy because you  can jump right to the start of the game content without needing to manually find it with your screen reader. Each game navigation link, such as CONTINUE, is preceded by a bullet, which means you cannot simply arrow to the link and press ENTER. Instead, you will probably want to tab to the link and press ENTER on it.

Clicker folk will be happy to know that you can adjust font size, style, and display settings. Options for these are found at the top of the game window.

At the end of a narrative page, you will often find one or more links that you use to decide what course of action you take next. As an example:

  • Kill the goblin
  • Take treasure
  • Run for your life

Just remember, choices can have long-term consequences, so choose carefully—but not too carefully. It is a game after all. 😉


Well, with that, I’m off. I seam to have been knocked out and left tied to a tree, weaponless too! And who is that mysterious woman? That HAMMERTONGUE drink is some strooong shtuff! Whooo!

Qapla adventurer. May the wind always blow at your back!

4 thoughts on “Sryth: Funny Name… Great Game!”

  1. I think Sryth is cool when you first discover it, but the developer has spent the last couple years just creating new equipment to sell for cash. Two years ago I made the mistake of donating to his kickstarter because he was promising a huge new expantion that has still not appeared. According to Readit, he also made an effort to shut down a previous wiki where old players kept a running list of dangling plot threads. Honestly, there are better games out there for free.

  2. Qapla indeed, my friend! Go easy on the hammertongue, and send that mysterious woman my way! 🙂

    But real talk, this game is AWESOME (all caps)! It’s like one of those “choose your own ending” books I used to read as a kid, but better! This game has a combat system, which again is totally text-based, and unlike most similar games it’s very non-linear; exploring Hawklor or venturing out into the surrounding countryside has an open-world, almost Zelda-like feel to it. I could write a blog post of my own sharing my adventures in Sryth (lol).

    As far as accessibility goes, I actually prefer playing it with a screen reader! I do have some vision, but I’d much rather have NVDA or VoiceOver read it to me. And if you’re still getting used to the whole screen reader thing, you do learn a thing or two about using one along the way.

    Great post! You’ve inspired me to give this game another try!

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