Tech Deals To Help You Recover from the Tryptophan Hangover

With everyone out there blaring about Black Friday deals and steals, I thought I’d throw in a few tech items that I found interesting. I’m not selling any of these items, but I find these hand-picked deals worth considering. There is no point in getting a deal that is 80% off if the product is old or doesn’t work as expected. No doubt, after Black Friday there will be Cyber Monday along with other holiday deals.


We’ll start with the laptop deals. I know a lot of the people I work with are on the lookout for a good laptop deal that has good performance but won’t break the bank. HP is offering over 60% off on some of their black Friday deals, so let’s start there.

The HP Laptop – 15t is $500 but is normally $1350. The base configuration features Windows 10 home, an I7 10th generation processor, 12GB ram, and a 256GB SSD. It is a 15.6-inch laptop. You can check out all of the details with the link above.

If the above price wasn’t low enough for you, check out the HP Pavilion Laptop – 15z touch. It uses an AMD processor and explains why this is lower than the first one. This one is normally $1300, but is now $400. This features windows 10 home, 16 GB ram, 256GB SSD, 15.6-inch display, and again, all of these can be upgraded for extra.

Check out more HP door busters, including laptops with 17 inch display sizes.

Not to be outdone, Lenovo has deals up to 64% off as of this writing. Some require the use of a coupon code, while other deals require a Lenovo business account. If you don’t have a business account, you can get some good Lenovo deals on amazon. I saw a Lenovo ThinkPad for $636.

If you would like to support a blind entrepreneur, checkout laptops from the Harbolt company. Of course, Asus, Acer, dell, and several other computer manufacturers are also taking part. These deals are often first come first serve. You can also check out all computer Black Friday deals from Slick Deals.

Flash Drives

Who doesn’t need thumb drives, flash drives, or jump drives? They are all the same thing, portable storage devices. Amazon has a SanDisk 64GB drive for $10. Keep in mind that this is only USB 2.0, so transfer speeds will be slower than USB 3.0, but it’s $10. Pony up a bit more, say $22, and you’ll get a Samsung flash drive with 128GB of storage, which also supports USB 3.1 transfer speeds. Be on the lookout for USB 2.0 drives. If you only care about storing documents, don’t worry about it, but if you are going to be transferring a lot of files, especially if they are big, go with USB 3x drives.

Wrapping Up

I have some turkey pizza to eat, so I’ve gotta go before it gets cold. One bit of advice, you probably don’t want a computer nowadays with less than 8GB of ram. Obviously, get more if you can, but no less than 8. I also would not go with less than 128GB of storage. Most computers now come with 256GB or more. The last thing… Please get an SSD, otherwise known as a solid-state drive. This will keep the weight down and help to make your computer faster. It also doesn’t have any moving parts in case your laptop gets bumped. These drives are more expensive but they are totally worth it!

Happy thanksgiving all! Qapla!

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  1. MAn am I glad I read this before Black Friday!! My 128 GB flash drive is getting full and has no backup, so I’m totally gonna grab one of those! Thanks and happy Thanksgiving!!!

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