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Alicia Eidson: Ocean Waves Radio

Casey, thanks so very much for your expertise in IT. I am a total dork when it comes to technology and you have helped me to overcome fear, to learn how to use key commands and screen readers to do so many tasks and important items in order to get to this point. You have helped me to see how patience, while I learn is imperative and you have encouraged me, especially when I really don’t understand how to accomplish a new task. Your helpfulness has assisted me to bring Ocean Waves Radiowhere it is today. Also, thanks for teaching me how to use WordPress. I will highly recommend you as the most patient and knowledgeable  man for trouble shooting and IT assistance.

Janet Perez Eckles

During the years I’ve worked with Casey, I was blown away with his knowledge, expertise, patience and prompt assistance. He never made me feel inadequate, but instead, he was quick to explain, guide and resolve all my computer issues.


My work as a Spanish Interpreter, author and public speaker demands reliable technology. Casey is there to help me obtain it every time. He’s uniquely talented and so easy to work with. Our blind community needs diligent folks like him.

Janet Perez Eckles

International speaker, author and founder of JC Empowerment Ministries


Vickie Kennedy

I really enjoy working with Casey. He is clearing up my computer, big time.

He is such a patient man, and he doesn’t make me feel stupid. What a brilliant mand he is on the computer. He took over my computer remotely and the way he is able to move on the keyboard is fascinating.

Jessy M

So good to meet with you today. I learned so many helpful terms, commands, and hints to navigate through my computer. I really appreciate your methodology of instruction. Thank you for being nonjudgmental and patient!

Edward C

I am a heavy user of my computer, plus I am a JAWS and Fusion user. Not only am I active in my community, but I run a small business. Before I learned of Web Friendly Help and Casey Mathews, I struggled to get tech support help that was dependable and really knew what they were doing.


At first, I was dubious about the value of automatically paying a monthly fee for his services, even though it was a small fee. But I now would not even consider stopping it. When you find that talented computer experts can charge big bucks  for an hour of their time, Casey is a real bargain, even if I only occasionally need his help. These days, we interact more than once a month!


I occasionally run into a big problem. When that happens, he will promptly find a time to remote into my computer. He has already efficiently solved  several such problems. When this happens, it’s as if he is sitting at my computer. What has proven just as valuable is this. I can send him an email with a list of questions and he promptly answers back. Many of my questions are about what key combination lets me do things I didn’t know you could do or do them far faster. I’m convinced that working with Casey has increasingly made me a more competent and productive computer user.


I recommend Web Friendly Help to anyone with computer problems. But I particularly recommend Casey  to anyone who has screen-reading software on their computer


Edward C.

Rochester, MN

Patty Fletcher

OMG! How wonderful! Thanks so much. Several people wrote to me with varying instructions but nothing so simple and none until this worked.
Thanks again. You made my whole day brighter.

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