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Alicia Eidson: Ocean Waves Radio

Casey, thanks so very much for your expertise in IT. I am a total dork when it comes to technology and you have helped me to overcome fear, to learn how to use key commands and screen readers to do so many tasks and important items in order to get to this point. You have helped me to see how patience, while I learn is imperative and you have encouraged me, especially when I really don’t understand how to accomplish a new task. Your helpfulness has assisted me to bring Ocean Waves Radiowhere it is today. Also, thanks for teaching me how to use WordPress. I will highly recommend you as the most patient and knowledgeable  man for trouble shooting and IT assistance.

Janet Perez Eckles

During the years I’ve worked with Casey, I was blown away with his knowledge, expertise, patience and prompt assistance. He never made me feel inadequate, but instead, he was quick to explain, guide and resolve all my computer issues.


My work as a Spanish Interpreter, author and public speaker demands reliable technology. Casey is there to help me obtain it every time. He’s uniquely talented and so easy to work with. Our blind community needs diligent folks like him.

Janet Perez Eckles

International speaker, author and founder of JC Empowerment Ministries


Patty Fletcher

When I met Casey Mathews some years back, I only had a vague amount of knowledge about using assistive technology in my business and every-day life. Since we began working keyboard to keyboard, I cannot even begin to explain how far I’ve come in my ability. However, since the point of this writing is to show you how much he’s helped me, I’ll try.

At the time we started out, I had a deep desire to begin a podcast but had no earthly clue where to begin. I had no Zoom skills and even thinking about it made me feel as if I were readying for a trip to the moon. But Casey made learning such a snap that soon I’d recorded my first show and was on my way. Now, I’m getting ready to end season three of Talk to Tell-It-To-The-World Marketing I’m doing recorded one on one interviews, live shows, and I’ve got listeners and guests from round the globe. None of which would’ve been possible without Casey’s technical guidance.

Another thing having services from WebFriendlyHelp has done has been to make it so that my online magazine is now navigable for screen readers.

When I first began The Writer’s Grapevine, the overall reader complaint was how hard it was to skip from article to article and to find their places again if they stopped reading before they were done. Since hardly no one reads a magazine from cover to cover, this was a huge need and one I had no idea how to solve. But with Casey on the job, I was soon distributing issues which were reader friendly for all.

Before I leave you to click over and subscribe to Casey’s various services, I must talk a bit about Casey’s Hand tossed virtual services.

I don’t know about you but for me, research is a bone of contention I can quite frankly do without. When I need a new product or service for my home or business I don’t want to have to wade through a bunch of adverts and articles. I want a clear comprehensive list of what I need and where to best find it. Casey’s virtual assistant services are top-notch and let me just say, they shut both Siri and Alexa down. I mean, in April 2020 just as we were in the throws of lockdown and my Laptop died, Casey was able to find just what I needed and within a few days I was back up and running. Not only did he help me find and order a machine that met all my needs but when it arrived, he was right there to help me set it up and in no time at all I was back in the game.

So, just so we’re clear, no matter what your technical debacle WebFriendlyHelp has you covered.

Oh yeah, I suppose we should talk about that old nasty topic of price. Well, if you can afford a pizza, breadsticks and drink, you’ve paid for a month’s worth of services. No hourly rate here.

  1. Don’t delay, sign up for Casey’s services today. Just set it and forget it. If you do, you’re never gonna regret it.


Vickie Kennedy

I really enjoy working with Casey. He is clearing up my computer, big time.

He is such a patient man, and he doesn’t make me feel stupid. What a brilliant mand he is on the computer. He took over my computer remotely and the way he is able to move on the keyboard is fascinating.

Jessy M

So good to meet with you today. I learned so many helpful terms, commands, and hints to navigate through my computer. I really appreciate your methodology of instruction. Thank you for being nonjudgmental and patient!

Alice Massa

Thanks to the expertise, teaching skills, positive attitude,  and patience of Casey Mathews–I have been able to easily continue with my weekly posting onto my blog.  Since Casey’s assistance a couple of months ago, I do think of him and thank him each time I am able to quickly and efficiently post onto my WordPress blog.  Once when I was working with Casey, I told him that he is certainly making my life–my computer life–much easier.  Now, I proceed with my writing work with less trepidation because I know that if I have a computer issue arise, I can call Casey for “Web Friendly Help.”

Alice Jane-Marie Massa, retired college instructor and author of THE CHRISTMAS CARRIAGE AND OTHER WRITINGS OF THE HOLIDAY SEASON (DBC 08305)



Casey Mathews did not ask me to write this testimonial. I volunteered to write it because he is that good.

I’ve been using blind tech tutors for over 35 years, ever since I got my first PC in the late 80’s. I use Casey for everything from MS Outlook and MS Edge to Google Voice on my iPhone. One thing I like about Casey is he always has multiple options for me. From his answers, I can choose one that Is most memorable for me.

What’s more, his style is very flexible. I have a zig zag learning style which can drive some people crazy because it is not linear like most people. We can be in the middle of learning short cuts in Outlook or reviewing a new browser for the web, and I’ll shoot him a question about Google Voice on my iPhone. Without missing a beat, Casey has an answer or two.

I also learn from how he uses new technology and apps. In my last lesson with him, he told me how he used artificial intelligence by way of Be My AI to find a tomato on his kitchen floor. He also shared with me how he uses the Short Text options to grab lettering off the door of the ice cream parlor when he wanted a snow cone. He’s always experimenting to find new ways of doing tasks out in the world, or on his PC or phone. To me, he’s a pioneer.

I also know Casey is very solid on things under the hood of my computer. He can camp out and figure out what is happening remotely. He has an excellent working knowledge of everyday apps and much more complex things within the Windows operating system. He must eat, sleep, sleep, and breathe technology, because he knows much more than I do after being around it for a few decades.

Edward C

I am a heavy user of my computer, plus I am a JAWS and Fusion user. Not only am I active in my community, but I run a small business. Before I learned of Web Friendly Help and Casey Mathews, I struggled to get tech support help that was dependable and really knew what they were doing.


At first, I was dubious about the value of automatically paying a monthly fee for his services, even though it was a small fee. But I now would not even consider stopping it. When you find that talented computer experts can charge big bucks  for an hour of their time, Casey is a real bargain, even if I only occasionally need his help. These days, we interact more than once a month!


I occasionally run into a big problem. When that happens, he will promptly find a time to remote into my computer. He has already efficiently solved  several such problems. When this happens, it’s as if he is sitting at my computer. What has proven just as valuable is this. I can send him an email with a list of questions and he promptly answers back. Many of my questions are about what key combination lets me do things I didn’t know you could do or do them far faster. I’m convinced that working with Casey has increasingly made me a more competent and productive computer user.


I recommend Web Friendly Help to anyone with computer problems. But I particularly recommend Casey  to anyone who has screen-reading software on their computer


Edward C.

Rochester, MN

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