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A Dot Before New? – Helping You Tame Your Access Technology

A Dot Before New?

A Dot Before New?

.New is a domain extension exclusively for performing new actions online: any act that leads to creation can have a quick and memorable .new shortcut associated with it.

Essentially, what this means is that you can start something new simply by typing in a web address into your browser! Ever heard of Google Docs? Thought so. Anyway, if you go to docs.new in your web browser, you will be directly in a new google document. It is quick and easy. More examples below. Keep in mind that the examples given generally require you to have an account with the service in question.

What Can You Do with .New?


Medium is home to millions of unique voices. Use story.new  to create a fresh story page and write about what matters to you.


With Spotify, you can play millions of songs and podcasts for free. Use playlist.new  to create a new playlist to add songs and podcast episodes. With podcast.new , easily make a podcast for free with Spotify’s creation platform, Anchor.


Let me be clear. I’m not a big fan of this as a meeting platform for many reasons, but I’m including this to show what’s possible.

For an easy, fast, and secure way to start your personal meeting from any browser, try these shortcuts from Cisco Webex: webex.new, letsmeet.new, and mymeet.new.


Stripe builds economic infrastructure for the internet. Invoice.new and subscription.new allow businesses to create, customize, and send one-off invoices or subscriptions for payment to a customer directly from the Stripe Dashboard.


Again, I must point out that this service isn’t suited to the visually impaired, but I’m including it to show what’s out there.

Canva is the world’s leading online design platform. Visit canva.new  or design.new  to start creating beautiful designs with your team.


Instantly create trusted, powerful, recognizable links that maximize the impact of every digital initiative using Bitly.



OVO Sound

Again, most visually impaired people will probably not be designing much record label art, but I’m including this for illustrative purposes.

OVO Sound is a record label, founded by Drake, Oliver El-Khatib, and producer Noah “40” Shebib. Music.new  is a hub for fans to create personalized song artwork for OVO artist releases, pre-save upcoming music, and play the latest content with a single click.


RunKit makes shipping your API endpoints in Node.js simple. With api.new , seamlessly prototype and launch your ideas.


Coda is a new doc for teams that combines documents, spreadsheets, and powerful building blocks into a single canvas.



eBay is the world’s most diverse and dynamic marketplace, helping people get exactly what they want, now faster than ever.




Developing fast? Open new GitHub repositories and gists in record time.



How Is Google Using .New?


Google Docs

Start a new Google Doc with this .new trick.




Google Sheets

Type this .new shortcut into your browser to open a new Google Sheet right away.




Google Slides

Slide into Google Slides with this .new shortcut for opening a new presentation deck.




Google Keep

Google Keep it real with this .new trick to open a new note.



Google Forms

Get in formation faster with this .new browser trick to open a new Google Form.




Google Calendar

Create a new Google Calendar event right from your browser.



The Beginning of the End

As nifty as these .new internet shortcuts are, I’d like to introduce some of my own. How about pizza.new, taco.new, or my new favorite, money.new. I can dream, right? Starbucks, if you’re listening, how ‘bout Starbucks.new? I’m all about making my wife happy.

Until next time…


One Comment

  1. Casey, this sounds great. Now, if only wordpress.com would have a .new that would allow me to more easily create a new blog post… Like you, I can dream.

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