About WebFriendlyHelp.com – WFH

About WebFriendlyHelp.com – WFH

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Casey Mathews is the founder of Web Friendly Help, also called WFH for short. He helps people grow their technology skills. People who regularly work with Casey say that he is an outside the box innovator in training and troubleshooting technology for the blind and visually impaired.

A Bit About Me

When I first started out on my tech journey more than 25 years ago, I would spend hours reading books about computers. I would marvel at the ability of a computer to allow one to pay bills, quickly lookup information on anything, or just get a quick weather forecast without needing to wait to get it on the TV or the Radio.

One day someone in high school told me that they had a computer for me to use for writing reports and doing research. I actually laughed and reminded them that I was blind and couldn’t see the screen. Next, I heard the computer talk and it changed my world forever.


I can still remember when I first connected to the internet, paid my first bill, and went to the library to check out a book so that I could later read it on my own. Soon I began helping educators, faculty, and anyone else find the right fit of technology to meet their individual needs.


Why Web Friendly Help? It’s simple. We’ve all heard the expression, “a picture is worth a thousand words”. Well, if you have good vision, that’s true in many ways. Let’s say you want to learn to insert a table into Microsoft Word. If you have vision, just hop on down to YouTube.com and do a search, or just click the handy link above.

Now, if you are blind, you know that a picture is not worth a thousand words–it actually is worth nothing! Sorry YouTube! What it does mean is that a blind individual learns in a different way.

That is where I come in. I have been in the access technology industry for about twenty years. The awesome news is that I started this business as a blind entrepreneur. Therefore, I know what technologies work for a blind or visually impaired person. I support screen readers such as NVDA or Jaws, and Apple devices like the iPod, iPad, and of course the iPhone. I can also support magnification software for visually impaired people like Windows Magnifier, Zoom Text, or Fusion. With Apple devices, I support VoiceOver and Zoom, as well as other accessibility settings that Apple makes available.

If you need your iPhone, iPad, or iPod to talk to you, or if you need the text enlarged or in a different color, that’s what I’m here for! Apple devices also have a wide variety of apps that can identify groceries, read mail, and help perform many tasks that can help with your independence.

My personal slogan has always been, “I love using new technology, and watching it improve lives!” For me that is still as true as it was when I first started, perhaps even more so now that technology has made such a huge leap in the last few years.

How Can I Help You?

I can’t wait to help you next! Feel free to take advantage of the free resources that are available on WFH. Please get in touch with me through my call me/email me link, my contact page, or just call my phone at: 567-234-0078.

Make it a great one!

Technically yours,


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