Apple Card: The Card That Pays When You Use It

Before I dive into what the Apple Card is, I want to make it clear what it is not. The Apple Card is not a rewards card, gift card, or membership card. The Apple Card is a credit card. As you will see in a moment it is far from your average plastic Master Card.

One of a Kind Apple Card

When you put your hands on this unique card you will notice that it is not unapologetically plastic like the iPhone 5C and the other credit cards out there. The Apple Card is Titanium, just one card made of metal. It won’t break, bend, or expire. Yes, you read that right, this card will not expire.

The other cool thing about this card is that your first and last name are laser etched on it. Your next question is probably, “How does the card work without a number”? That is a great question, and we’ll get to that, so keep reading. This is Apple, and it wouldn’t be Apple without shaking things up a bit. Just to ease your mind, the card still works like a regular card.

Because there is no number, you also have increased security. Someone cannot just take a picture of your card. Well, they can, but they will only get your first and last name.

When you use the card, you’ll quickly get a notification with the total along with the company. If you open the notification, you will see where the transaction took place and how much cash you will get.

When you open the card in the Wallet app you can see how much you owe. You will also get a notification when your credit card bill is due.

The card has no fees to use it. Also, the interest rates are from between 12.99% to 23.99%. When you do need to pay interest on a credit card bill, Apple shows you how much you’ll be paying in interest in real time. You can adjust the amount that you will pay, and again in real time Apple will recalculate how much you’ll end up paying.

Questions are answered via text. You can do this right from the wallet app within the Apple Card area. Just hit the Get Support button, type your question, and day or night, you’ll get an answer in seconds. The answer you get is from a human, not a bot.

Cash Back

Let’s talk about the cash that you get back whenever you use the card. It’s pretty simple:

  • 3% for using Apple Pay on apple related sites. Places like the apple store, music, iTunes, or some approved markets.
  • 2% for using Apple Pay for anything else anywhere online or offline.
  • 1% for using the Apple Card where apple pay isn’t supported.

The cash is usually paid within 8 hours of when you made the transaction. You can use this to buy something else or pay off your credit card bill.

If a store doesn’t accept apple pay, then you will use the physical card. Though the card doesn’t have a number, it does have a chip that is scanned. That is how a store can still use the card.

If you have an online transaction, you can get a card number from within the wallet app under the Apple Card info. You will get the card’s number, expiration date, and security code. These numbers are really just so the card will work for online transactions.

How do I Get the Apple Card?

All you need to do is to open the wallet app, and hit the Add A Card button. Visually you will probably notice a plus sign. Once there select the Apple Card button. You will be asked a few questions, such as: is this your home address, last four digits of your social security number, annual income, and that’s usually about it. They may ask you more info in some cases, but generally the process is quick because apple already has your info.

Once you are approved you can start using the card right away. You can then request the physical card, but you don’t have to. You can check out more info on the Apple Card page. The videos include audio description when watched on an apple device, as long as  audio descriptions are turned on in accessibility settings.


Let me just say that I am not writing this for money or on behalf of Apple in any way. I just think the card is cool, and because Apple made it so incredibly easy to get it and to use it, I find that to be a great thing. I also love that the entire process is accessible, from applying to using it. Even the videos and graphics are described. I didn’t even require sighted assistance to activate the card. It was all quick and painless. If you’d like to try it out, when you get the card, try sending me some cash. 💰 Thanks in advance. 😂


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  1. thanks for shairing this article re: the apple card. Can you physically feel the chip in the card like you can with other cards? this sounds exciting and i’m glad to read posative reviews of it from a #a11y prospective.
    keep up the wonderful work

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