Do the Movies Your Way with the Actiview App

Today, I’d like to showcase an app that is changing the lives of movie goers everywhere. The app is called Actiview. In short, this app allows you to consume movies in a way that is most beneficial to you. The below information is taken from the iOS app store and the Actiview website.

Download the Actiview app and movie of choice, sync the app to the movie, and enjoy!

It’s that easy. And it’s completely free. Currently this app is only available for the iPhone and iPad. Hopefully this will change sooner than later…

What will Actiview do for you?

  • Provides Amplified Audio: Increases volume for people who are Hard of Hearing
  • Supplies Audio Description: A description of the visuals for people who are Blind / Low Vision
  • Dubs audio: An audible translation of the movie dialogue for people who speak a Foreign Language
  • Provides Closed Captioning: generates subtitles of the dialogue and key sounds for people who are Deaf / Hard of Hearing
  • Offers Sign Language: gives video interpretation of the dialogue, great for children who are Deaf
  • Shows Subtitles: These are written translations of the movie dialogue for people who speak a Foreign language

App Description

Actiview is the all-in-one app for assistive and accessible content for movies at the theater or in your home! It works everywhere the movie is playing, without any setup required.

Before you head to the theater or watch at home, just download the content you need to enjoy the movie. Everything will be synced to the movie automatically, no other setup required!

What’s it like to use?

My wife Judy and I went to see Pick of the Litter with a few friends. This is a documentary about the life of a guide dog puppy in training. This movie was produced  by Guide dogs for the Blind. You can check out a movie trailer with audio description below.

Long before I got to the movie theater, I open the Actiview app and downloaded the audio description track. Note that the app will only provide audio description if headphones are connected via wire or wireless methods.

My wife took the legacy method and requested the audio description receiver from the theater. She wanted to make sure the theater personnel knew that this service was needed and appreciated. I, of course, went Actiview all the way! Once the movie started, I began playing the audio description track. The app took around five seconds to synchronize the audio description to the movie. I noticed that it was about half a second off from Judy’s receiver, but I was able to adjust the synchronization via a slider in the app.

My experience using the app was awesome! First off, it was great just being able to walk in and sit down without needing to ask for audio description, and then making sure the attendant knew it wasn’t the amplification for people who are deaf, etc. It was also handy to have the option to adjust the synchronization just in case. I experienced no breakup of audio as I sometimes do with the receivers in the theaters.

One important note, the app does not currently have a lot of movie tracks, but they are always adding more.

So what are you doing still reading this? Go get the app already! 😁

What's in your head about what you just read?

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