Record Voice Memos for Free on Your iDevice

The built-in Voice Memos app can make it quick and easy for you to record audio. Because this app comes with iOS, there is nothing to download or install first. I’m going to focus on VoiceOver users primarily here, but if you want graphics, click the link above. You can just tap what you want if you don’t use VoiceOver.

Welcome to Voice Memos

When you run Apple’s Voice memos app for the first time, you’ll get an introductory screen that briefly tells you what you can do with the app. Once you hit Continue, you will be asked if you want the app to use your location while using the app. If you do allow this, your recordings will be named based on your location such as home, work, ** 2345 e James t ETC.

Recording Audio

This is very quickly done by double tapping the screen with two fingers. You’ll here a kind of chime sound. When you’re done, use the same gesture to stop recording. I told you it was simple…

Once you stop the recording, you will be able to flick to the right and find the details of the recording, such as time, length, and the title. If you keep flicking to the right you will eventually find the Delete button. Beyond that, you will find the recently deleted items. This is where your deleted recordings go. They are kept there for 30 days, just in case you want them back later.

Playing Your Recording

To play the audio you’ve recorded, just flick left/right until you reach play. You will also notice skip back and skip forward buttons. These buttons will skip you by 15 seconds forward or backward depending on the button you double tap on.

Renaming Your Recording

When you’re on the recording, you can flick up or down to delete or edit the title. When you find edit title, double tap with one finger and you’ll be able to type or dictate a new title for your recording. If you take the time to name your recordings well, you can use the search box at the top of the screen to search through your recordings.

More Actions

Either double tapping the more actions button, or flicking up/down until you get to more actions, will let you copy your recording, duplicate your recording, edit your recording, or share it. In this case sharing your recording means that you can share with a contact or with another audio app such as Garage Band.

Editing your Recording

If you choose edit recording, you can replace your recording. This option simply records over what you have in your audio file.

If you use the trim button, you can delete portions of your recording. The way trimming works is you have two sliders, one for selecting the start of where you want to delete, and the second slider lets you specify where you want to end your delete. With VoiceOver, you flick to the slider, then flick up/down to adjust the times. After you have arranged each slider, you can play or delete the audio selection. You are unable to add audio effects to your audio.


I hope you’ll find this a quick and easy way to record audio when you need it. The Voice Memos app has enough features to record audio quickly and clearly. You could even setup a Siri Shortcut to begin recording and to play the last recording for you. Doing this is beyond the scope of this article though. Until next time… Qapla!

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