Tame Your Tech Without the Headache!

Throughout my 20 plus years of providing access technology training and troubleshooting, I have noticed a few things that people have been frustrated with, issues that are pain points for many. These issues have been largely unmet by AT service providers.

Problems, Then Solutions

I want to identify some of the complaints that many of my customers have had over the years. I will then show how WebFriendlyHelp.com is working to bring solutions to the table so that no one need go without crucial access tech services.

Many people that I’ve worked with have said something like, “It is just too much of a bother to get set up with an access technology trainer.” So why is this the case? Part of the reason is that when access technology training is paid for by a government agency, there is red tape involved. Someone must pay the bill. Someone must also do pesky paperwork to pay said bill, or you don’t get the service that you need. Paperwork can sometimes fly back and forth between agencies that provide services and agencies that pay for services. Meanwhile, the one needing training just has to wait. Now, this type of service can be a lifesaver, and often times things go smoothly, but this requires everyone involved to be on their game.

Let’s say you found an independent trainer to help you with your access technology needs. Sounds good. However, many of these individuals are also paid by the same government agencies that pay for your training. That can still leave you waiting for the red tape to end.

Also, if you are paying for the service, be aware that these trainers usually charge per hour. If you don’t really need training per se, but just need a bit of troubleshooting, updating, or just someone to run things by from time to time, then prepare to have your credit card heavily debited.

Here’s the Solution

From the beginning, my goal has always been to provide access technology training and troubleshooting as quickly and hassle free as humanly as can be! I also want it to be friendly service. I want it to be the kind of experience that leaves all my customers saying, “Wow! WebFriendlyHelp really went the extra mile for me! Now I feel comfortable moving to the next step”.

Here’s How it Works

The Tame Your Tech service does not charge by the hour or per session. Instead you will pay an affordable subscription fee. I can already hear people saying, “Oh No! Not another subscription”!

If I didn’t charge a subscription, then I would either have to charge per hour or per session. This means that whenever you called, I would have to start charging. I hate asking for money, so I really didn’t want to do that. I also didn’t want someone to be stuck with a high bill that would be a hardship for many.

So for one dollar a day, you can call and get either training or troubleshooting help. This is $30 per month. We can work through email or on the phone.

If you would like to save a little more money, step up to the quarterly Tame Your Tech subscription. Here you pay only $80 every three months. This plan saves you $10 every three months, for a total savings of $40 per year.

But, if you want to save the most, pay $300 once a year and save $60 each year. You don’t have to worry about a monthly or quarterly bill.

No matter which plan you decide to go with, the benefits are exactly the same: . You can cancel it whenever you’d like—no contracts or fees.


Sometimes I get questions like, “What do I need the service for?”, or, “How will I know when I need the service?” These are great questions. Let me explain.

One day someone called and had a job fair she needed to attend that day. She did not have time for training, but she needed to optimize her screen reader and web browser for the upcoming workload. Because she is paying per year, she knows that she can just call and get assistance when she needs it. That is exactly what happened and how it works. She made a phonecall, was helped, and I am happy to report that she later got several job interviews.

I also have another individual that needs sporadic iPhone and computer help. Sometimes he needs training and sometimes he just needs tech support. As long as he remains an active paying member, he can just call or email. This individual just pays a dollar a day.

Whatcha Gonna Do?

WebFriendlyHelp can connect directly to your computer. This way, I will get exactly what your computer is giving you, good or bad. This is also great for access tech training, as I will know if something happens while we’re working together. I can also help configure speakers such as the Alexa speakers. In addition, I can help with iPhone troubleshooting, training, and tips/tricks. Finally, we all know that technology waits for no one. There are constant updates to operating systems, software, and even hardware. Apple really wants you to get that new iPhone yesterday. We also know that old dogs can and do learn new tricks 🐕‍🦺, but sometimes they need a little help along the way. Tame Your Tech is happy to help with all of the above, and even more. This is all done one-on-one, and your training is customized  to your needs. These are just training examples. Please call and we can talk about what you need specifically.

I want to help you get the training and support you need, the tools and confidence to move to the next step: master a program or app, apply for that job, start handling your own finances online, play a game, play some music, drink a beer… 🍺 Oops, can’t help with that last one, but I could help you buy a beer for yourself, and maybe one for me? 😉

Before you start paying, we can chat first to get to know one another a bit. I like to see how you prefer doing things. Are you hands on? Do you like to have a little help, then figure things out for yourself? Or, do you like step-by-step directions? So, if you need a little hand up to move to the next step, please call. It would be my honor to help you. Let’s chat, so we can tame your tech… Together!


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  1. Casey and I have been friends for several years, and he’s helped me a bunch of times with AT stuff. He got me into NVDA, and DuckDuckGo, and a lot of the other stuff he has written about here. So it isn’t just me trying to be a good friend when I say this service is worth it! Granted I’m a little partial, but even so, there’s no denying this guy knows his stuff! If this is your first visit to WFH, stay tuned! He uploads new content constantly, and even seasoned techies like me keep coming back cuz it’s that good. So if his blog is this useful and informative, imagine what some one-on-one training or tech support would be like!

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