Three Firefox Add-ons that will Boost Your Productivity

First off, I’d like to thank Marcio, AKA Starboy, for suggesting a few of these add-ons, and for suggesting the topic of add-ons, sometimes called extensions, for Firefox and Thunderbird. I’ll take Firefox add-ons first, but for the next article I’ll get into some Thunderbird add-ons.

For each add-on I feature, I’ll link directly to the add-on itself so you can add it to Firefox without needing to search through Firefox add-ons.

Youtube Classic

Do you find yourself liking the old classic Youtube way of doing things? Maybe it’s just that Youtube now is slower than ever! If so Add Youtube Classic to Firefox. The nice thing about this add-on is once you add it to Firefox, you don’t need to do anything else. The best add-ons are the ones that just work, eh?


Ever been looking at prices for stuff online and wonder if a coupon code was available or if another site had a lower price? If so, Add PriceBlink to Firefox. Once you do, you’ll have a constant dropdown menu added to shopping pages. You can then either get a code that can take off a percentage from the price, add free shipping, or something else depending on the vender. You can also see if lower prices are available on other websites.

Note that for screen reader users, the menu for the add-on is at the top of web pages. When you hit the option to get a coupon code, you need to hit the graphic just below the description of the code. The page will then change to display the code, or you can hit a link that copies it to the clipboard. This process is a bit difficult, but considering the fact that you don’t have to manually check for coupon codes or discounts yourself, I think it’s worth the hassle. If you know of an easier shopping companion, please let me know via the comments or by replying back if you’re reading this through email.

Spotify Hotkeys

This extension adds the following keyboard commands for Spotify users when you are browsing the site.

  • Play/Pause: ALT+SHIFT+P
  • Shuffle: ALT+SHIFT+F
  • Repeat: ALT+SHIFT+R
  • Play Album: ALT+SHIFT+B

Once you Add Spotify hotkeys to Firefox, all you need to do is visit the Spotify web player and use the hotkeys listed above. This extension is updated regularly, so hopefully even more hotkeys to Spotify will be added soon.

Other Firefox extensions?

Like I said before, please let me know in the comments about any other Firefox extensions you use and enjoy. This info will also be great for anyone else who reads this blog.

Thanks and Qapla!

4 thoughts on “Three Firefox Add-ons that will Boost Your Productivity”

  1. Interesting post! Yes, Firefox add-ons are awesome, and I think you found some real good ones here! I don’t use Spotify (yet), but if I did, I would totally want those hotkeys! The only add-on I use currently is one called Tampermonkey, that lets you add your own JavaScript code to whatever web page you want; of course that’s not much help to non-coders, but I figured I’d at least put it out there. And I’ve heard of Honey (some of my favorite YouTube creators are sponsored by them) but have never tried it. Sounds like I got some fun new stuff to try!

    PS: Before I got into Linux, I thought Thunderbird was a car, or a boss in Zelda 2; but now, I use it for my blog email so I’m looking forward to reading about it! I didn’t know it even supported add-ons! :)

  2. Thanks for your note Lanei. I actually have tried honey, but I really didn’t like the accessibility of it. Maybe I should look at it again, hoping that it has changed in that regard? Other than that the features looked really good.

  3. Hi. I didn’t know about Spotify Hotkeys either. I just added it to Firefox. For a better shopping add-on, I would suggest Honey. It does everything for you and has extensions for most browsers.

  4. Hi,
    What a nice surprise to get this article! :)
    I really liked this add-ons selection!
    I didn’t know about the PriceBlink and Spotify Hotkeys. Will try them!

    Looking forward for the next post about Thunderbird extensions :)

    Marcio AKA Starboy

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